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Candida Albican is one of the several species in the body which can carry on the signs and symptoms of yeasts infection. Such Candida generally surface in the areas which are warm and humid. Vaginal yeast infection and oral yeast infection are amongst the several yeast infections.


Candidiasis recognizes no age and can occur on anyone from different walks of life. It can affect women, men or even the infants. Millions of people suffer from yeast infection which mainly affects the lungs. If the Candida is not removed completely from your body it will continue to grow and increase in numbers. This will enhance the inability of the body to protect itself hence,  the infections caused due to Candida took place in a particular area of the body.

Yeast infections are caused by  candidiasis which is miserable and painful, so it should be  .

The patient can suffer from a host of other ailments along side lung infections with this, ranging from diabetes to depression to colon cancer, and many things in between.

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Yeast cells are bad for your health and nutrition damaging many of your key body functions

Lung Yeast InfectionCandida yeast in the lungs can be very difficult to treat.  The reason for this is because fungus creates root structures,  that tears through the bodies inside layer.  The Spreading of Candida yeast attacks the bodies defense mechanisms. This allows foreign matter to begin forming.  This can create many serious health problems.  Some of these problems include stress, allergies and extreme tiredness.

There are more chances of Candida to point inside of your body, if you are infected by yeast infection. This will cause harm to your tissue cells , which would further result in severe problems regarding chest pains, problems relating to skin and a lot other problems.

Infected Lung Yeast infection in the lungs can create havoc with the lungs. When the heart is wrapped by Candida it can even cause heart failure.

Hence, if you think any of your friends or family might be suffering symptoms of Candida or of a yeast infection in the lungs, consulting a physician immediately is essential.  A person suffering from this kind of ailment can find support from fellow sufferers as well as their friends and family.  Remember that yeast infection, whether in the lungs or anywhere else, are harmful and should be evaluated and treated as soon as discovered. 

By: Linda Lens

Health Care and Protect
Thrush yeast infection burning pain lungs *eye pain, floaters,blurry vision, light sensitivity * swollen lymph nodes, are many concern we should know.

Fight Back Against Candida With Natural Yeast treatment

Pneumonia can be caused by infection from germs such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It is an illness of the lungs and respiratory system which occurs when the alveoli become inflamed.

A Closer Look at Yeast Infection
You have heard about it. You have seen it on TV commercials. But what really is yeast infection? Yeast infection is a condition caused by a group of fungi under the genus, Candida; hence, the medical term, Candidiasis.

Chronic Yeast Infections Help
Your lungs have to work hard to eliminate toxic waste from the system when other eliminating channels are weak. As a result the lungs will be overloaded and functions poorly. This will lead to disease and infections.

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